Establish cooperation with the University of San Carlos, Philippines

  • 16 Desember 2015
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Establish cooperation with the University of San Carlos, Philippines

(WMCUS, 10 November 2015) - "A Life Improving University", is the positioning statement of Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya. In developing life, particularly through education, UKWMS continues to widen partnerships with other universities in various parts of the world. WMCUS graduates should have the competence to compete with graduates from all over the world, so establishing cooperation with other universities would greatly expand the horizons and opportunities for students to develop themselves as high.

On Monday, November 10, 2015, four representatives from the University of San Carlos, Philippines, visited WMCUS to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). They are Fr. Anthony Salas, SVD, Vice-President for Academic Affairs; Prof. Yolanda Deliman, Dean of the School of Health Care Professions; Dr. Challoner Matero, Dean of the School of Business and Economics; Dr. Lauro Cipriano Silapan, Coordinator of the Graduate Programs of the School of Business and Economics. Present from the WMCUS, Drs. Kuncoro Foe, Ph.D., as the Rector of WMCUS, Drs. Y.G. Harto Pramono, Ph.D., M. Pd, as Vice Rector I of WMCUS, and Dr. C.Erna Susilowati, SE, M.Si, as Vice Rector II of WMCUS, as well as the entire Dean from all faculties in WMCUS.

"We were actually quite panicked to face of AEC, we initially only thought to strengthen cooperation with the US and Europe. We recently realized that the English language we have is probably only useful in North America and Europe, then what about in ASEAN? When people talk about Asia, only China and India were identified because they are big. But in fact, countries in Southeast Asia, if united, would have its own power. The goal is the 2020 Asean Economic Community. We want our graduates to become graduates who are ready to work in the ASEAN area regardless of whether they are graduates of Catholic Universities in the Philippines or not. That is why we are eager to cooperate with universities in Indonesia, "said Fr. Anthony Salas in his speech at the meeting started that day.

The signing of MoU between the University of San Carlos and WMCUS is the beginning of cooperation for both sides. To make this activity happens all the way to the point it benefits both sides, it still needs adjustment of the cooperation materials. Some examples of cooperation that can be done is a student exchange program (internship), staff exchanges, cooperation in the field of research and publications, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of materials, particular short semester program, cooperation in conferences and workshops, as well as a Joint Degree program. Hopefully, the cooperation with WMCUS can be beneficial for all parties. (Chai Liang)