Pursuing Knowledge All the Way to China

  • 24 Agustus 2015
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Pursuing Knowledge All the Way to China

(WMCUS-5/2/2016) - Gaining knowledge is a never ending process for anyone, and if necessary, people will go to a distant land to expand their knowledge. This was experienced by two graduates of Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya (WMCUS), namely Sherliana Abbaloa, a graduate of the Faculty of Business, and Alexander Halim, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Successfully completing their Bachelor degree in WMCUS, both migrated to the bamboo country. Equipped with the knowledge they gained from their study at WMCUS, they applied for a scholarship program at Chongqing University's Department of Biomedical Engineering for Alexander and International Master of Business Administration for Sherliana. They were both accepted together with 3 other alumni of WMCUS at the same time: Reza Hartanto, Yeremia Kevin dan Bely Agustin. The scholarship program was made possible with the cooperation between WMCUS and Chongqing University, along with the Government of China in the form of Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS).

After having stayed in China since August 2015, both decided to return to their homeland for a vacation during the Chinese New Year holiday. Here is the interview with Alex (A) and Sherliana (S):

Why do you guys choose to continue your studies and why China?

A: The knowledge that I gained from my Bachelor degree was not enough and I feel the need to constantly update my knowledge by studying in a Master’s degree program. I also do that to open my mind to the outside world, especially in biomedical engineering in China that has been well known.

S: For me, since the beginning, I wanted to study abroad to gain more friends and take some experience of living abroad. Moreover, the Chinese economy expands more rapidly and I can get to know the culture and language more easily.

How do you feel when you passed the selection of scholarship? What was the reaction of your parents?

S: Definitely happy and I immediately prepared things to be brought there. For my parents, my mother agreed to that, but my father was a little bit objecting because I am a girl and have to go away very far, but finally, he fully supported me.

A: I had experience a little bit of a blank moment, could not think of anything when I passed the selection because it was originally a whim to try. Later on, my parents agreed and I immediately went there.

What have been your activities there and how was life there?

S: We are still in the stage of taking Mandarin language classes during the first year to deepen the new language; after that we will enter the master’s program curriculum. To go to the campus, we have to walk for 20-30 minutes and the location of our residence is on the hill, which made me feel a little surprised. But it was fun because we were walking together with friends.

A: In addition to participating in Mandarin language classes, those of us who came from outside of China also experienced cultural activities, walking to four other cities with international friends, and a welcoming party. The difference is clearly visible, that is the students in China might be ten times more studious and hard working than the Indonesian students. It makes us more motivated to follow them.


What are the ups and downs during the few months in China?

A: The grief was, during the first time there, when we were not able to communicate with local citizen. My Mandarin skill was very limited because I just started to learn it and some of them use a special dialect, some cannot even speak Chinese Mandarin.

S: For me, I feel more joy than grief, especially because I have a lot of international friends from Europe, such as from Russia, Italy and France, and also friends from Asia such as from Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The food there is also delicious (laughing).

What is your plan after completing your master degree?

A: I still want to continue my study for a Doctoral degree in Japan, because my professor at Chongqing has a good relationship with a professor in Japan.

S: I want to return to Indonesia to open a business in the field of food and beverage, to practice the knowledge that I will obtain.

Is there any message for friends who will continue their studies in Chongqing?

A & S: For friends who want to continue study in Chongqing, deepen first your Mandarin and English skills, so that you won’t be surprised there because not all courses there is in English. (Red)