Indonesian Culture



Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. With a population of about 3 million people, the capital of East Java province has become a city of Metropolis is rich with cultural diversity. Supported by a condition that is safe, comfortable environment and high creativity of the younger generation, Surabaya has now become the center of business, commerce, industry, and education for the eastern region of Indonesia.
Surabaya is known as City of Heroes, it is the people of Surabaya commemorate the resistance against the Dutch in the Indonesian revolution. This fits with the spirit of resistance symbol "Suro" and "Boyo" (Sura fish & crocodile) which reflects the courage and unyielding spirit of the citizens of Surabaya or often referred to as "Arek" Surabaya.
Surabaya is a major port and a commercial trading center in eastern Indonesia. Surabaya city lies on the edge of the north coast of eastern Java, and directly adjacent to the Madura Strait . In this strait Suramadura bridge was built and became the longest bridge in Indonesia.
As the provincial capital, Surabaya is also home to many offices and business centers. Surabaya's economy is also influenced by the recent growth in foreign industries and industry segments that will continue to evolve, especially in terms of property, where the skyscrapers, malls, plaza, apartments and hotels will continue to be built each year.

As a metropolitan city, Surabaya inhabited by multi- ethnic and many tribes, like the Chinese people, the Javanese, Batak, Madura, Bali, Bugis, Sundanese and more. There are also citizens of foreign countries including Malaysia, China, India, Arab and European . However, a heightened awareness of citizens to maintain security, order, and unity has made the city of Surabaya as the most safe and conducive for business and education. Although Surabaya is much influenced by the diverse cultures, but the authenticity of the culture is still alive and thriving today. Diverse native cultures that can be seen from various events such as , the art of puppetry, ludrug, remo dance and other Javanese culture.

In terms of tourism, Surabaya has a lot of historical value, Surabaya has several attractions that can be visited are associated with the history of the past. Plus, Surabaya has the culinary diversity that has always sought by tourists who come in, such as : salad pestle , rawon , duck rice , mussels rice cake , rice cake racing and various other traditional foods.